如何安装福特Fa亚博lcon 4耳盘式制动器

Installing Disc Brakes for my Falcon Wagon Cruiser

If you've been to yaboMyRideisMe.com much,你见过我1963 亚博Ford Falcon Wagon Build.This might be one of the slowest builds in history,但是,嘿,I'm doing it myself or with the help of friends and my pops.不够频繁,I escape from reality in the smell of grinding metal or the buzz of a MIG.Ahh… you with me??

One project I've wanted to do for a long time is update the front brakes.麻烦是,the disc brake kits for 4-lug cars are usually made from put-together kits with brake parts from a few different cars.For your brakes?好啊,well maybe… we've all probably done less-safe things… but I wanted the best for a key safety feature like my brakes.So I got theWilwood disc brake kit for 4 lug 亚博Fords.This kit works perfectly for 4-lug Mustangs as well as Falcons.


这是一个如下所示的工具包。One of the best parts?一切都很干净,全新,完美结合。它附带了完整的说明如何把它放在一起,只缺少一些细节,我将在这里的视频中介绍。I got my brakes together with only minor head scratching,so they can't be too bad!!

I also liked how lightweight the kit was.不用担心,在我的鼓式制动器放下5磅后,在我的马车上撕开12英寸的车轮。低16/4英里起跳,我来了!!!

作为一个简短的警告,阅读Wilwood提供的警告。如果你对这份工作没有信心,ask a friend or pay someone.然后,when it's all done,请务必按照说明小心地进行路试。

亚博Ford Falcon Disc brakes,亚博福特猎鹰,4凸耳盘式制动器套件

Step 1: Hub & Hat to Rotor Assembly


  • 1/2 inch 12 point socket
  • 扭力扳手
  • 冲击驱动器(如果有)
  • Old 4-lug wheel (if you have one… I really needed it!)
  • 车轮轴承润滑脂
  • T-45 Torx bit

亚博Ford Falcon Disc brakes,亚博福特猎鹰,4凸耳盘式制动器套件

首先安装内轴承。将其润滑,然后安装轴承密封件。直接开始吧,然后按进去。If you don't have a press,tap the seal in with a hammer,carefully,然后用一块木头把它弄平。质量的另一个证明,零件很合适…没问题。

下一步,it's easy to put in the wheel studs.I ran them snug using an impact wrench.我把它们拧紧到77英尺磅。Don't be surprised if the socket fits tight on some of the studs.慢慢来……到目前为止没问题,but how to hold this thing??!!!

亚博Ford Falcon Disc brakes,亚博福特猎鹰,4凸耳盘式制动器套件

To torque down the studs and the hub hat,我用了这个旧的四轮轮子。在图片中,车轮螺柱已经安装好了,我要放下帽子。5 x 3/8-16梅花螺栓需要T-45梅花头。Do yourself a favor and don't buy the crap"刹车扭矩工具包from Harbor Freight.在55 ft-lbs以下,the bit twisted.销售时点情报系统!!I had to run to Pop's house to get a decent set.Torx bits are on my swap meet list for next time!这次质量……

亚博Ford Falcon Disc brakes,亚博福特猎鹰,4凸耳盘式制动器套件

Finally,align the rotor to the hub hat as shown and assemble the 6 qty.5/16-18梅花圆头螺栓拧紧至25 ft-lbs。



  • 中等研磨盘(或砂纸或其他需要清洁表面的材料)
  • TrxT-55钻头
  • 5/16内六角头扳手或套筒扳手
  • 小尺子和手电筒很有用

清洁支架的表面,确保支架平齐。Paint's not a big deal,but if there's any casting flast or other burrs,those gotta go.

亚博Ford Falcon Disc brakes,亚博福特猎鹰,4凸耳盘式制动器套件

下一步是稍微棘手的一步。这实际上是装配说明中要求您做的第一件事。I followed that order when I did it,但下次会这样做。

安装支架位于主轴的背面。Pre-arrange the fasteners like this.3/8-24 x1.75 socket head cap screws,then washer,垫片和垫片。把支架放上,然后把它贴紧。

亚博Ford Falcon Disc brakes,亚博福特猎鹰,4凸耳盘式制动器套件


亚博Ford Falcon Disc brakes,亚博福特猎鹰,4凸耳盘式制动器套件

下一步,you have to check that the mount is square,or parallel to the rotor.把转子装上,像我在这张照片中做的那样测量,或者看视频了解更多信息。使用稀释剂进行调整,0.016″ shims supplied.When everything's square,拧紧至30 ft-lbs。

亚博Ford Falcon Disc brakes,亚博福特猎鹰,4凸耳盘式制动器套件

Step 2 1/4: Brake Fluid Fitting


  • 1/2英寸扳手和特氟隆胶带。

Assemble like this.I wanted to show the picture since the final orientation of the fitting wasn't shown in the instructions.这将使制动软管朝向硬制动管路的支座。

亚博Ford Falcon Disc brakes,亚博福特猎鹰,4凸耳盘式制动器套件



  • 9/16套筒和扭矩扳手
  • 尺子

这是说明书告诉您在制动钳和制动钳安装支架之间组装0.035英寸垫片的方法。说明建议从顶部和底部两个垫片开始。在所有情况下,顶部和底部应使用相同数量的垫片。For me,我用零垫片来达到完美的配合。在视频中,你会看到我是如何将垫片放在垫圈下面,以确保螺栓不会朝着转子伸出太远。The instructions are very specific about that.即使没有垫片,我想我会没事的,but with the shim,it seemed just right.有关如何测量的详细信息,请参见视频。

亚博Ford Falcon Disc brakes,亚博福特猎鹰,4凸耳盘式制动器套件

This is the suggested location of the shim.在最后的装配中,我没有用任何垫片来达到完美的配合。

We're done!!

Here's a couple shots of the finished product.看起来棒极了,I think!And don't forget,我每边掉了5磅,而且更可靠,stronger braking system too.在我开车之前,I'll clean off the rotors,但因为会有一段时间,I'll leave them as supplied to prevent any rust… (yea right,here in the Arizona desert?)

亚博Ford Falcon Disc brakes,亚博福特猎鹰,4凸耳盘式制动器套件亚博Ford Falcon Disc brakes,亚博福特猎鹰,4凸耳盘式制动器套件

Final step: Wheel fit

亚博Ford Falcon Disc brakes,亚博福特猎鹰,4凸耳盘式制动器套件

在购买前,您应该先问一下车轮的配合问题。I did,威尔伍德给我寄来了一份工具箱的图表,上面有所有部件的尺寸。为了确定我适合,我仔细地画了一个模板在建筑纸上缩放,然后用那个模板检查我的轮子。It fit,但很接近!我想必须使用威尔伍德提供的车轮垫片,但我想我终究不需要它们。

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If you need more help,查找这个how-to video from Wilwood for a 4-lug Mustang.

尽快查找更多更新或继续跟踪此线程:1963 亚博Ford Falcon Wagon Build,especially when I let you know how well she handles!!