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Do you know how many parts are in a Falcon Tailgate?? [December 5,2013] views: 3674 Answer: Alot.Do you know how many aren't available new?You guessed it: Alot.So,every time I think I have this thing DONE...I'm not.


I'm almost there!Window goes up and ...

亚博Ford 4-Lug Disc Brake Kit from Wilwood [July 16,2013] views: 4060 Christmas came in JULY today when I got my order from Wilwood.I met a few Wilwood guys here and there at SEMA and at SEMA's MPMC event in SoCal.When I found out they started offering a 4-lug ...
1963 亚博Ford Falcon Shelby Drop Done [July 1,2013] views: 4833 I've been meaning to do this for a long time.Now that it's late June/July and 115+ in Arizona,I finally got around to it.Wish I could go for a test drive to see how it feels,but going by ...
Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Kit [June 10,2013] views: 4431 So of course I have to polish the ones you can see!(almost all of them except the ones for the oil pan...)

Should look cool against a gloss black engine.

How Cool is this?Wagon Tailgate Emblem [June 10,2013] views: 4582 I'll do a how-to on this,but had to post this picture.This is the tailgate emblem for my Falcon Wagon.I had given some thought to welding the holes for this piece,then thought,no...all the ...
WHY!?AT Pan Gasket Pain [May 28,2013] views: 4506 Can't believe what a pain this has been.Got everything put back together and the pan gasket is still leaking.Thought I did everything right putting it back together,even used a torque wrench to ...